About Us

CEO - Simon Grigenas

Simon handles all management and business development here at BRNT. He is our original founder responsible for bringing the whole team together. He originates from Ontario where he studied medicine and the influence of cannabis on the human body at Western University and then moved to Alberta to acquire his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta. He loves new tech and great designs, and with this passion he pushes BRNT Designs to the limit to create the absolute best.

CDO - Andrew Feltham

Andrew is an Edmonton native who has gathered various experiences in materials engineering and design here in Alberta, Canada. He is our marketing and product design guru as well as the newest member of the team. When Andrew isn’t working on all things BRNT he can be found studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. He is very passionate about the products we are bringing to you and is always working hard to make sure you know everything you need to about our latest product lines.

CFO - Rahman Amlani

Rahman is a financial specialist handling all corporate structure and accounting tasks. He not only manages all our books along with operations with his University of Alberta Finance education, but he too contributes a great deal towards the aesthetics and trends of our new product lines.