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The Hexagon

Hand-crafted from ceramic and glass, the Hexagon intrigues and inspires in both form and function. The ceramic body has the ability to withstand temperature changes allowing it to be dishwasher and freezer safe along with stain resistant.

Each individual Hexagon is personally handmade setting the course in modern design.

The BRNT Movement

BRNT Designs is a new and original brand run by young and forward-thinking individuals from artistic and technical backgrounds.  The Canadian team (founded in Edmonton, Alberta) is breaking new ground in design and material composition, and urge you to join in to help make their unique vision a reality.


Unlike similar pieces, the Hexagon is built for convenient cleaning and maintenance. No more soaking, no more saltwater, and no more tedious scrubbing in difficult crevices. The Hexagon is sturdy and maintains its design and structural integrity through heavy washing. Whatever residue is left on the piece after use, just run it through your dishwasher and it will come out as good as new.

Break Resistant

The Hexagon’s sturdy blend of materials protects it from shattering when dropped. Its unique ceramic blend renders it more break resistant to glass, easing your mind with exceptional and lasting structural strength.


The Hexagon’s unique ceramic blend is able to cool quickly and effectively in just 10 minutes. Keep the Hexagon in your freezer and it will assume a coolness that perseveres when exposed to heat or flame. Any smoke that passes through the Hexagon while cold will emerge even cooler.


The Hexagon adds a certain modern aesthetic character to any home or space. Display it proudly to guests, who will surely be impressed by its stunningly beautiful design. The stain resistance of the ceramic hides the residue left on normal glass pieces. Its minimalistic quality also lets it blend in well with just about any background. Enhance your home, room or office with this dynamic piece of ambience.


The Hexagon downstem features a diffusion system with holes along the bottom, smoke  is filtered directly through the water reservoir at many points. Each Hexagon includes our glass downstem and bowl with an integrated screen along with a rubber seal. The seal is used to improve on standard glass on glass pieces and create an air tight enclosure to prevent any smoke/air from escaping the ceramic body. Our unique design also offers interchangeability for your favourite 14mm glass bowls and standard sized downstems.


Comparison to Glass

Every inch of the unique ceramic composite is coated with a thin layer of glass, so the taste and smoothness of a glass piece still remains. But with the ceramic core material comes an unprecedented emphasis on durability. Store it in your freezer for as long as you like and run through your dishwasher whenever needed – where glass would crack the Hexagon won’t, making it the most dynamic of its kind!

The Process

Each Hexagon is perfected by hand on a pottery wheel after coming out of the mold. They are then hand-coated with a glaze, stamped, and checked to give each Hexagon their own personalized touch.

Why Crowdfunding?

Rather than traditional investment, crowdfunding allows us to use the support of you, our backers, in order to raise the capital required to manufacture our product. We have now officially reached our crowdfunding goal! Thank you to all our backers.

Featured In:

  • yahoo finance
  • edmonton metro
  • canadian business journal
  • financial post
  • national post
  • leafly
  • university of alberta
  • cbc, edmonton, the national
  • lift


When will my order be shipped?

As our crowdfunding campaign has concluded any further orders will take approximately 2-3 business days to be fulfilled from the date ordered. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for your shipping notification!

What can the Hexagon be used for?

The Hexagon is the perfect centerpiece for any home or office space décor. It of course offers other benefits for personal use which we are not liable for. Please see our Legal Disclosure and Terms of Service.

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