Creator Feature: Alexis Zacharko

Creator Feature: Alexis Zacharko

Recently we had the privilege to work with cannabis content creator Alexis Zacharko .

We reached out to ask if she could take a couple photos of our Peach Haze Hexagon, but in her own style.

As a brand we opt for minimal vibes when we are shooting our product and that is not Alexis. And we really wanted to capture the bold color of our first ever gradient, Peach Haze. With Alexis More is More. 


Q: If you had to describe your personal aesthetic, what would it be?

A: I would describe my personal aesthetic as beachy, retro maximalism. When it comes to my personal brand, more is more. From decorating my living spaces to choosing the perfect outfit, you can always expect an excess of colour and pattern with a touch of retro wonder. 

Q: What do you love about working in cannabis?

A: I love working in cannabis because of this industry’s ever-changing frameworks along with its collaborative community. The cannabis industry is never stagnant. Whether with new regulations or new brands, there is always something happening that requires attention and a change in strategy.The cannabis industry also has some of the most welcoming community members. Everyone is constantly working together to move this industry forward. The community feels much more grounded and intentional than more traditional industries. It is an absolute blessing to spend my days working with so many knowledgeable and creative people. 

Q: What is your fav strain?

When it comes to choosing a favourite flower, the task feels nearly impossible. With flower selections constantly expanding, gone are the early days of legalization where extra-dry milled flower ruled the shelves. So rather than having a favourite flower I opt for rotating through a handful of different strains within similar terpene profiles.
I tend to gravitate towards flower that is high in linalool, limonene, and myrcene, sometimes I pepper in a bit of caryophyllene (get it). So naturally, my favourites are categorized as Indica and tend to contain a Kush varietal. A few of my must grabs include; Natural History’s LA Kush Cake or AC/DC Cookies, Mood Ring’s Florida Citrus Kush, and any exciting sounding Cake strains. 
You can find Alexis active on IG as thca2z.
If you have been curious about working with us, a great start is to tag us in your post if you love and have our product. You can also always send in your portfolio and media kit via email to
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