About BRNT

BRNT’s boundary-pushing and forward-thinking approach was a breath of new life in the cannabis home accessories space. Starting with the introduction of the Hexagon in 2017, BRNT set a precedent for exceptional product design.

Each product embodies the ingenuity of our team, and our obsession with quality and attention to detail. From design to fruition, we build products that inspire a different conversation around design, features, and cleaning. 

The Team 

BRNT Designs is made up of a small core team of product designers and brand specialists. The highly collaborative group never stops creating and curating new collections – pushing the envelope every step of the way.  

Our work can be found in ForbesRolling StonesLeaflyNow MagazineThe Growth OpBay Area ReporterExclaim!Toronto Guardian and many others. 


With our reputation of an aberrant approach to how we build brands and design products, we have been sought out for unique projects like the design and manufacturing of bespoke cannabis accessories for all Tweed retail stores across Canada, and the physical and spatial design of Meta stores across Canada. We continue to selectively work with like-minded brands. 

Every product we create – in aesthetic, composition, and in design – must add to the normalization of cannabis and the tools used to consume it.