We can’t show you how to smoke a bong

We can’t show you how to smoke a bong

As more and more Canadians enter the cannabis space for the first time, we get more and more questions about bongs. How do they work? How do you use one? Why should we use one? And as self-professed experts (we’re pretty proud of our Hexagon), we want to share all of this information with you so you can consume cannabis responsibly and safely.

However, the Canada Cannabis Act sorta prohibits us from doing so, since as active sellers in the cannabis space, we could be seen as promoting consumption. Which is a big no-no.

All of this to say, we can’t show you exactly how to smoke a bong. But we’re still going to tell you how they work.


The Advantages of a Bong

Don’t get us wrong: any time you’re putting smoke into your lungs is going to be less healthy than if you didn’t. But when it comes to consumption, there are a couple advantages to adding a bong to your cannabis consumption arsenal: some of the heavier particles in the smoke will get filtered out as the smoke passes through the water that would otherwise go straight into your system if you were smoking a joint. Again, “clean smoke” is an oxymoron, but cleaner smoke? Maybe a bit.


Did you know: Some of the earliest bongs were found in tombs from the Ming Dynasty in China, and were made in the late 1500’s.


Some of the stuff that might get left behind in this process is some THC, the cannabinoid that scientists think gives you that “high” effect. But especially for newer cannabis consumers, that could be a good thing: it’s harder to “green out” (when you consume too much cannabis too quickly and start feeling nauseous) when you slow down the process of getting high. It’s not the most efficient way to consume cannabis, but it may be the best, and the easiest to stop once you get to where you want to go.


Bong Anatomy 101

Bongs come in hundreds of unique designs (but none look as good as he BRNT Hexagon), but they all have the same parts.

A. Bowl

Where you put (and light) your ground-up cannabis.

B. Stem

Links the bowl to the chamber.

C. Chamber

Where the smoke is filtered through and cooled by the water.

D. Tube
Where the smoke escapes the bong and is breathed in.


We Still Can’t Tell You how to Smoke a Bong…

But here are some tips for a smoother experience anyways!

Unappreciated Secret #1: The Grind

Take it from us: investing in a good grinder is well worth the money, even if you’re just an occasional or casual smoker. While it’s possible to break up your bud by hand, grinding it up first keeps the stuff you don’t want (like stems) out of the bowl. It also lets you pack the bowl a lot more evenly, which means more consistent airflow, which means fewer coughing fits.

Unappreciated Secret #2: The Freezer

Bongs are great for casual smokers because the water takes a lot of the “bite” out of the smoke, making it a smoother, less aggravating hit. Throwing your ceramic bong in the freezer for a few minutes before lighting up can make the smoking experience even smoother and arguably more pleasant! But make sure your bong is freezer-safe before trying this at home (like our personal favourite Hexagon).

Unappreciated Secret #3: The Breath

While it makes sense that the longer you hold the smoke in your lungs before exhaling, the more intense the high will be, it’s actually a bit of an urban myth. In reality, most of the cannabinoids (the stuff that makes you feel high) are absorbed by your body in the first couple seconds. So don’t drive your lungs crazy by holding everything in – let it out nice and slow.

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